Installation of a memorial tablet

(20×20 cm/ appx. 8×8 inches)

steps required:

Most services are rendered on a voluntary basis by members of our Non-Profit TafelnAssociation.

Preliminary work (unsalaried)

  • Research on the fate of Jews from the Third District of Vienna who had been persecuted by the Nazi-regime. Updated results are added to our electronic database and published on the internet ( ). This enables survivors and descendants (sponsors) to find facts and apply for a memorial tablet.
  • Research on potential memorial spots.

Action (unsalaried)

  • Correspondence with prospective parties.
  • Establish site, photographic documentation to obtain official approval.
  • Inspection of site by contractor Teerag-Asdag (opening of side-walk).
  • Signing of contracts with Town-Magistrate 28 (Road-works), Magistrate 7 (Cultural Affairs), construction firm, liability insurer.
  • Requests for subsidy from public authorities and sponsors.
  • Administration of the financial contributions from interested parties, sponsors and public entities.
  • Finalizing the text of the memorial tablet in cooperation with interested party (sponsor).

Technical expenses (for professionals)

  • – Commissioning of the production and installation of the tablets (engraver, technical coordination, sidewalk-work)
  • – Supervision of contractors and their payment.
  • – Opening event, public relations (mass media)
  • – Monitoring of installed tablets, repair of damages, cleaning.
Raw material and technical coordination  239,–
Engraver  140,–
Contractor Porr, side-walk-work  310,–
Insurance and maintenance   50,–
Opening, research, various cost   50,–
Sum 789,–
Value added tax 20% 157,80
Total appx. 946,80

All prices in Euro.

We need to charge a minimum contribution of € 510,- . Our Committee tries to obtain the remainder of the expenses through donations and contributions.

Vienna, 10. August 2016   Dr. Elisabeth Fritsch, Treasurer and  Mag. Gerhard Burda, Chairperson

Bank-account: Immo-Bank Wien 
Steine des Gedenkens
IBAN: AT53 4705 0308 0561 0000