Installation of a memorial tablet

(20×20 cm/ appx. 8×8 inches)

steps required:

Most services are rendered on a voluntary basis by members of our Non-Profit TafelnAssociation.
Preliminary work
• Research on the fate of Jews from the Third District of Vienna having been persecuted by the Nazi-regime. Updated results are added to the electronic database and published in the internet ( ). Enabling survivors and descendants (sponsors) to find facts and apply for a memorial tablet.
• Research on potential memorial spots.
• Correspondence with prospective parties.
• Establish site, photographic documentation to obtain official approval.
• Inspection of site by contractor PORR AG (opening of side-walk).
• Signing of contracts with Town-Magistrate 28 (Road-works), Magistrate 7 (Cultural Affairs), construction firm, liability insurance and sponsors.
• Requests for subsidy from public authorities.
• Administration of the financial contributions from interested parties, sponsors and public entities.
• Texting of the memorial tablet in cooperation with interested party.
Technical expenses
• Commissioning of the production and installation of the tablets (engraver, technical coordination, sidewalk-work)
• Supervision of contractors and their payment.
• Opening event, public relations (mass media)
• Monitoring of installed tablets, repair of damages, cleaning.

Contractor Porr, side-walk-work  310,00
Insurance and maintenance   100,00
Opening, research, various cost  80,00
Sum 1.160,00
Value added tax 20% 232,00
Total appx. 1.320,00

All prices in Euro.

We need to charge a contribution of € 690,00. If justifiable a reduction is posssible. Our Committee tries to obtain the remainder of the expenses through donations and contributions.

Vienna, May 1, 2018   Dr. Elisabeth Fritsch, Treasurer and  Mag. Gerhard Burda, Chairperson

ISIN: AT47 1400 0290 1002 3864